Monthly Archives: June 2011

Welcome to AAUW Miami (FL) Branch

If you wince at a parent’s willingness to sacrifice for a son’s higher education but not for a daughter’s;
If your blood pressure rises when a good idea is attributed to a male member of a committee when it was a woman who put forth the original idea;

If you become angry when a competent woman is replaced by a man who receives a higher salary;
If you are outraged when Viagra is covered by medical insurance but not birth control medications;

If you ever look at a photo of our predominantly male legislature (state or national) and say, “Something is wrong with this picture.”
If you believe that a good education is one of the most valuable gifts we can make to future generations;

And if you enjoy the company of strong, intelligent women
and want to continually learn and exchange ideas;

Then AAUW is where you belong.

Adapted with permission from Susan Calkins, President, Greater Naples AAUW.